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Back to basics

I want a camera without ALL the digital doodads - one that uses film, not cards. Just 36 plain color or B&W, no LCD or menus. Photography would be simpler and we could concentrate on the basics, no distractions! Can anyone find a camera like this???

Westkip wrote:

Or anything else that distracts from taking photographs but particularly that damned word 'video'. Now that Nikon has kicked the bucket over and run away, followed by a pack of newly converted fullframers who, costwise, could never have considered FF previously and a joyous mob of lightspeed croppers, whats left for Canon? Who would have predicted that dull old Nikon could have found such an exciting market slot? As a long time Canoneer I have to admit Old Nik has pulled a fast one here.

So Canon. Is it to be more of the same? Or are you going to, I think you Americans use the phrase "step up to the plate", whatever that means and hit back? You can't copy Nikon so why not go one further and at the same time step back a pace. Bring out two new models. One, that would certainly get my cash, a basic, (in terms of useless gadgetry) crop sensor, stripped out still camera rather like the old film F-1 but with the latest focusing obviously and at the same time a new video camera that could, when necessary, do still photography. After all, as the pages and pages of idiot questions on this forum show, it's the gimmicks that sell cameras. Both could be done at very tempting prices and force people to decide do they really want to spend twice as much just to get some gadgetry they don't need.

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