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Two big contributing factors

samjstern wrote:

you posted what so many of us are experiencing.
A few years ago I was shooting a wedding or event every weekend.
Now my wedding bookings are way down.

I have better equipment, my skills are much better and I produce a beautiful So I sold 2 of these packages and are hoping for more.

Just on a wimm I tried an experiment.
I offered to a few couples an inexpensive package .
The images are delivered on an iPad and that is the finshed product.
They get full rights to the images and iPad is theirs.
They were interested and both accepted the $2000 package.
I offered to them albums later if they want and showed samples.

I have received 2 calls from friends of theirs to see this presentation.

The kids today getting married want images to show friends on facebook, to email to friends, etc.
They are not into albums like our parents had.
So I sold 2 of these packages and are hoping for more.

I already have an ipad so when the prospective client comes over I add music and a slide show. All that a job costs me is $500 for the ipad and my assistant.

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Cameras and lenses have gotten so good that people are giving more thought to having a friend or relative shoot the wedding. The bad economy is just making matters worse.

If only there were a way to educate the general public and get more people to understand who's behind that camera really does make a difference.

Which reminds me of something I've had in my head for a long time - why isn't there a photography channel? Or at least a regular photography TV series.

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