a77 sharpness, solved!

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My main changes

As stated this was a bright sunny day, which really helped. But that is not in your control.

Before today, I shot A priority, and set ISO to Auto with 100 -> 800 range. That forced quite a bit of slower shutters, which resulted in a very slight camera shake induced blurring.

This time, I shot at S priority, set shutter to 1/500, and auto ISO 400 -> 1600. That forced the a77 into shooting at faster speeds and let the f-stop float. Use your judgment and go to higher shutter speeds if it is bright enough. I did keep an eye on f-stop though, and when it got over F16 or thereabouts I dropped the minimum ISO to 200 and even 100.

In addition, I used the AF/MF a LOT. I have Peaking set to Mid and Yellow. I would let the camera focus (using AF-S, so I could see and here the focus lock), then go to MF and verify focus. Sometime I needed a bit adjusting when branches and other things threw focus off.

Finally, under Custom settings, I set AEL button to Spot AEL toggle. Now if you set the focus point to Wide or Zone, when you press the AEL button it uses spot exposure to set exposure on only the center, then you can re-compose and still be exposed correctly. This requires some experimentation what works best for you.

All these setting should be adjusted to your preference and how you like to shoot. I think I took over 500 bird shots before I started getting more consistent keepers. Practice, practice, practice.

Hope this helps, it is a very personal thing, really.
= John

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