Canon respond to Nikon D800

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Re: You snooze, you lose...

Taking into effect the fact that we haven't had revolutionary changes in technology for quite some time pertaining to digital cameras I really don't think you can dismiss any camera that has come out in the last years from being competent and fully capable to give you great results in the right hands. Results that would be extremely difficult to know which photo came from which camera . Canons 40D , 50D , 7D or 60D can all give you great results . Same with Nikon .

All changes we have had in the past years have been refinements in high iso capabilities , focusing system and sensor design in terms of MP . To say that the 40D can not give you great photos just because it was design five or six years ago is totally missing the point . A 40D can give you great results just as a 60D can

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