Back again. Another horrid newby question.

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Re: Back again. Another horrid newby question.

Get either the Nikon or the Canon bodies you are considering. I am a Canon user and don’t want to influence you, but do have a couple of comments.

One person said they prefer Nikon because all their lenses fit all their bodies and that was not the case for Canon. True, but that will NOT affect you. For the camera you mentioned will accept ALL current Canon lenses made. This issue only affects Canon bodies costing thousands.

If you go with Canon, get the 55-250mm lens instead of the 75-300. It is better, will leave no gaps in focal length with the 18-55, and you won’t notice the 55mm difference on the long end.

If you shoot a lot of low light situations your startup equipment will leave you wanting faster lenses which will be very pricey. Don’t get it now, not until you have a history and the knowledge to know what you need. Software can be used to compensate to some degree, but it is not a magic solution. There is no substitute for the right equipment.

Start slowly, learn quickly, and take your time before purchasing something you think is a must have or will improve your pictures.

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I started in the 50's - my first picture was taken with a Leica and hooked me for life. I no longer use my Leicas, but I am still taking pictures. Some things never change.

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