How do you guys get your shots?

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Re: How do you guys get your shots?

the most productive solution is not to hide what you are doing, don't be afraid to talk to people, get close to people, give time to yourself and the environment to get used to you... depends where you take the pictures but tele lens can get you in trouble because it forces you to act like a hunter who huns for people images and run away without even asking their names, and with a suspicious agenda to place them online as your own "art"... this way you could get hunted one day... Not everyone capable of acting like a real street photographer and not annoying tourist with expensive camera... in real life I have never seen any guy acting like a real street photographer, and most of those guys with cameras look exactly just like annoying tourists to me... you have also to understand the body language of people because if you look at their reaction after you pointed your camera at them and clicked a frame, that might be already too late.. here I am talking about those delicate situations that has potential for good street - photojournalistic style pictures... it's much easier to take boring pictures in those busy markets and other uninteresting touristy areas... but in general, nowadays it's much more challenging and difficult to work on the street than it was lets say in 60's, 80's... OK, be polite, more observe, than click... that is why some photographers legends like Steve McCurry like to walk around the area for one week without taking any pictures... but when you click be quick and confident... once again, never hide from people that you are taking pictures... the subtle differences in your behavior as a photographer make a huge difference how you are being accepted and what shots you get... this is of course if you already know what makes a good photograph:)... you will never ever forever get any high class street photograph if you have limited time and just walk from your guest house to the train station and snapping away frames... to get a decent frame sometimes takes about 2-3 days of work in one place, sometimes when you are very lucky, you get three decent frames per day... if someone disagrees with me that means we aren't talking about the same thing... I could tell you much more, about the body language, the most suitable equipment and lenses.. but i don't want to share too much:)... because it took me many years to learn it.. The most important thing, just don't annoy people please, so after you I can come to the same place without being afraid to show my camera, and you can come to the same place, and people think this guy with a camera is a nice man...

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