D800 does NOT require all the extra techniques!

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Re: I think it's you.

Faintandfuzzy wrote:

Wolfgang1756 wrote:

All this mirror-lock up, higher shutter speed, diffraction past f/8, super sharp lenses, etc.

All this is ONLY required if you want super high resolution which the sensor can deliver.

If you are not going to make huge prints or are not buying it for the high 36MP and will downsize it to 12MP then use it just as you would use a D800!

I think people are getting the wrong message...

To actually make use of the resolution, you do need higher shutter speeds or tripod mounting. It's a high rez camera. That's why people will buy it. If you don't need 36mp, go buy the D700 and stop telling everyone they've got it wrong.

I very much agree. The D7k (same pixel density as the D800) has been shown to benefit from higher shutter speeds and care to avoid disturbing the camera during shutter release. This latter issue is a consequence of both pixel density and the light weight of the D7k as it benefits from burst shooting where the second or third frame may be the sharpest or additional weight (battery grip)...and obviously tripod use. This is most evident in circumstances where people have become accustomed to using very slow shutter speeds hoping that VR will save the image. If nothing else, the value of a monopod will again become apparent.

The camera will simply show technique flaws more than people may be accustomed to seeing in the past.

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