For those that may not know... Sony Batteries

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Re: For those that may not know... Sony Batteries

tbcass wrote:

WaltKnapp wrote:

tbcass wrote:

I used to get mad a Walt like you do but I have found that it is easy and a lot more entertaining to counter him with logic and the facts. He is so emotional and passionate about his beliefs that he is unable to see any other way of looking at things.

Oh I see other ways of looking at things. But I choose the ways that are most correct in my opinion. The posts would get way too long if I went though and explained every way of looking at things.

The problem is what you think is what is correct in you opinion is correct in an absolute sense and those who disagree with you are wrong. If you would simply explain your opinion in a civil tone while at the same time acknowledging other opinions are just as valid for them you would have no problem. Your diplomacy skills are somewhat lacking.

Yes Walt is not exactly diplomatic - he strongly states his views and opinions based on his own experience. Frankly, at his age, Walt is unlikely to change his tone.

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