i think im done with V1 for a while...

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Re: i think im done with V1 for a while...

yes yes I know... some individuals have the same focusing problems even with nikon d3 or canon mark cameras, people that read these forums often enough know what i am talking about... OK when I first time saw this V1 camera I was quite sceptical about it.. until i had a chance to put mu hands on it... at that evening i had pan gx1 that i was very curious to test and actually wanted to get for the documentation of my everyday life, and V1, just for curiosity and I wasn't even planning to play too long with it:)... gx1 is a respectable camera of course, but when i touched V1 there was something special about it... although without that impressive grip as that one on gx1, V1 sited in my hand even better! I set the camera menu for my style of photography, and started shooting inside the room with an incandescent light... wow, I was impressed.. about everything.. for me the panny gx1 is equally good camera, but V1 has a good viewfinder already built in, and just sits in my hand better. The file quality at high iso on gx1 is a half stop better than on the V1 though, but so what. Just take into account, i am the guy who manages to get good shots even on my nokia N8 phone-camera at night without the flash:).. so maybe that is an important difference when testing the camera:) My conclusion if you know what are you doing and what you want to do, the nikon v1 is a very respectable camera, the only thing i might miss sometimes is a folding lcd screen for composing images in those inconspicuous or tricky situations.. but gx1, oly p-3 don't have those either.

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