X10 orb test

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Re: X10 orb test

Faintandfuzzy wrote:

wymjym wrote:

I hope you don't expect to take a similar shot during the summer time with say iso100 because if you do...

you don't need to justify your purchase to anyone here......btw, do you want me to post an orb shot for you? I have a few to spare.


I can as well. Let me dig out the 5 or 6 out of my first 2000 or so shots. What is that.... 1/4 of 1%? My Nikon D700 misfocusses about that much....better throw it away and swamp Nikon forums with threads about it.

re: nikon

if you want to liken auto focusing errors with over expanded, hard edged, punch holed, blowouts that will occur in many different situations and with varying frequencies depending on the shooting environment, then go for it.

on the other hand if I take the worst situation I encountered where there were over 150 images with orbs out of @ 500 shots, let's see....that's ~ 33.%......or would you rather I go for my normal shooting which gives @1 in 100 or 1%.

The point here is that different types of shooting environments will drastically change the users output.
People should be made aware of this until Fuji corrects the situation.


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