Thinking of going pro?....err're crazy!

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the old pros

I've seen a few older folk enter the biz, often no different than the know nothiing newbie.

What I am seeing is guys with 30 years in the biz, usually full timer studio folk, that don't have the biz to keep the doors open. So they close with the plant to 'work from home.

A couple of problems I've seen or heard them gloss over.. So these guys that always had a studio, help at the studio, never went on location for portraits, had a sales system - have to change all of that now. They'll adapt, or many will, but not all.

They'll find in a big hurry that a session in the studio takes 20 minutes. Location? It can take 20 just to get there. If you had a lobby with prints, a sales room, and all that but now don't it changes your sales system.

For me I found a home based studio is best in a separate space from your 'home'. Granted, my kids are younger, my wife not in the biz and many older fogies won't have them running around the house making noise - or feeling very put out when told 'no, i have a bride to be coming over you can't make boiled cabbage tonite, and I need the dining room for that senior shoot tomorrow" me, it's not as easy as it sounds.

It can be done, its just not all peaches and cream, especially if you plan to to be busy (or efficient as the case may be).

I can't say if these old part timers are successful or not - I can say I"m not seeing them around the meets as much, they're not entering print comps like they used to, they're not bragging about how great the new arrangement is working. I hear lots of talk about them 'not being here because he got a day job' type thing which tells me the new arrangement isn't working out as planned.
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