Confused between Nikon P7000 and Olympus E-PL1?

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Re: A bunch of different factors

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dexter007 wrote:

I was checking out PL1 in a nearby store today's kinda ok for me and I decided to go with it

Be very sure you are happy with the time to click. The AF system is not fast.

Yeah I observed that it is not very fast...but I am thinking that around $300 I can get a good point n shoot or basic DSLR (here PEN E_PL1) and I am feeling that opting for PL1 is a good I right??

but is there a cap on shutter speed in different settings and at different ISO levels...

There is not.

I observed (while checking in the store) that the shutter speed was limited to a max. of 1/160 ( lower speeds are accepted) is not changing (can't move for higher speeds) at f5.1 in "A" this usual and accepted or I misunderstood and went wrong??

You have somehow popped up the flash. Many interchangeable lens cameras use a focal plane shutter - this is like roller blinds on windows - flash is very fast, 1/10,000 of a sec blip (or whatever) and during that blip, all of the sensor must be exposed - at shutter speed faster than 1/160, only part of the sensor is exposed so only part of your photo is lit.

Switch off your flash.

If you use an Olympus FL-36 and above flash (big body), a technique that blips the flash several times allows using faster shutter speed but with reduced light power.

Certain interchangeable lens cameras use an electronic shutter - in this case, there is no issue - I think the Nikon System 1 does that (not sure)

You are perfectly right...I purposefully opened it to check it's performance and I don't know that it restricts the speed...and at the end I am very pleased with the JPEG quality of E-PL1 and I don't care about RAW...its JPEG quality is on-par or somewhat better than Canon 550d or Nikon D5100 when I compared with photo comparison tool in the sake of Image quality I am ready to compromise the LCD quality (to be frank I felt LCD quality is sub-par)...So, please tel l me weather my decision is right or wrong??..Selecting PL1 is a right option or not? (keeping the budget constraint to $300)...Many many thanks for your elaborate and explanatory reply...

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