A "history" of pixel count and noise

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it's good to see you're still here on dpreview. I've followed your postings during the years.

It's true, cameras appear and disappear but the images are here to stay (provided no hard disks crash - which unfortunately happened in my case, leading to the loss of 80% of all images from 2006).

For me, the cameras were as follows (I'm currently reworking my website, adding larger images; so I won't post images to prevent broken links):

  • Nikon Nikon F801s (a very nice film camera with a large and bright viewfinder),

  • Fuji S2 (an affordable DSLR camera with a rather slow body and a green cast in auto white balance, with good high ISO performance, I loved it - I even bought two of them),

  • Intermezzo: Nikon D1 (what a sports car! This second hand camera was my first professional camera; coming from a Fuji S2, the autofocus was mind-blowingly fast; unfortunately the sensor died)

  • Nikon D2X (a very responsive camera with a fast AF, excellent as a landscape camera, with very good colors and resolution at ISO 100, frustrating as a lowlight camera in my opinion),

  • Fuji S3 (a very nice and compact camera with a built-in vertical release, with a blue cast in auto white balance but still very nice colors, a very slow camera, but I loved it),

  • Fuji S5 (finally, a good pro-grade body for a Fuji camera, a really nice camera with a pink cast in auto white balance, but I loved it, especially in studio),

  • Nikon D3 (the best sensor in the best body, a camera with my name written on it; perfect for sports; thank you Nikon for giving us full frame sensors),

  • Nikon D3X (a D3 with much more resolution, very nice for landscape shots, but it never replaced the D3 for sports),

  • Nikon D3S (my current dream camera for sports, it replaced my D3).


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