E7 wish list now that the OM-D series is out

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Re: E7 wish list now that the OM-D series is out

1) they could dispense with the OVF for a bigger/better EVF working off full time live view, yet retain PDAF with a half mirror much like Sony's SLT, except the mirror moves out of the way either by swinging or alternate articulation. The half mirror only needs half mirror surfaces precisely where the 11 AF points are and the rest can remain clear. Since it moves out of the way in taking phase it wont cause any light aberrations or light loss to the sensor.

In this way, a very large OM FF sized EVF can be incorporated, PDAF would be retained, but weight would be reduced.

2) Some aspects of OMD can transfer over such as the touch screen and the exposure control for highlight/shadow as opposed to middle grey could be optimised as it was on OM's, a capability comes in handy for other things too.

This enables better control over tricky exposure situations and.....

3) Now that the sensor has multi channel and a high capacity for pushing exposure, one pipeline is devoted to imagery, and another to the EVF 60/120/240 fps. Yet another can wired in or share the EVF access (240fps 1/2 channel) to be used for better noise control.

This is achieved by taking 2 frames, a 0 e/v and overexposing another to +4 e/v an otherwise identical image that enables noise to be removed using a method much like HDR but with an algorithm optimised for noise reduction. For each pixel a routine computes if it is blown in the +4 e/v shot, where it isnt the +4 e/v or meld value is kept, alternately if is it blown it retains the 0 e/v pixel.

This provides internally cleaned jpegs that are crisp and clear at ISO3200, it would be like having an ISO baseline of 200 at ISO 3200. If IQ were deemed acceptable at ISO 6400 in low light, its similar limits would be ISO 51,200, or 4 stops up in any given instance.

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