Not To Cause a Panic...GX1 Screen Issue

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Not To Cause a Panic...GX1 Screen Issue


I'm pretty sure this is a non issue and I'm not overly concerned about it but could not find any threads about it in the search here so thought I would see what you all think.

So Have you heard of the weird pattern on the GX1 lcd screen? it is only viewable when the camera is off when a very low angle artificial light, like a desk lamp. My GX1 exhibits this oddity and I wager ALL GX1's feature this if you look close enough. What I see is a perfect rectangle ~ 25mm x 50mm ( no I did not measure just guessing!) of what appear to be Newton rings. As one presses on the screen with just slightly more pressure than normal the pattern changes so it is activated some how for some reason.

When OI first heard of it I looked hard and could not see it. I thought it was some huge blotch. I read an extended thread elsewhere and tried again and could finally see. This is why I bet 100% of the GX1's have this as it's hard to see. I don't know how anyone actually noticed. Even the photos I saw were vague at best.

The "issue" is not viewable with the lcd or camera on in my instance and the image view is very good with no problem.

I read elsewhere some panic conjecture with people sending cameras back and getting new ones with the same issue so I figure it's not a problem. But I have not heard Panasonic's take on this.

With the X lens issue I would hope Panasonic clears this up sooner than later.

The way I see it is IF it's a defect I will keep the camera for 364 days and warranty it then if at all, I mean IF not becomes an issue.

Sorry if this is a repeat thread I really couldn't find one although I thought I saw one recently here....

So uh...Don't Panic! It's probably ok! Don't start sending back your otherwise spectacular camera because of some weird un noticeable ..... what ever it is and lets see how this shakes out....


Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1
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