Another reason why G1X is a BAD DEAL...

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Re: Let me try again

I understand your point of view. I also have a DSLR and a few good lenses (Nikon) as well as an S95 and I can fully appreciate what this new camera could do for me (better images than my S95 though not as small and less clutter than my DSLR system), yet I find the OP's concern with pricing fully justified. Here in Canada the camera is available for pre-order at a price of $800. No matter how good the camera is I can't see this as being good value especially when funds are limited. Still I think Canon knows it will sell a lot of these anyway and profit is the bottom line.

I might buy a used one in a year or 2 but right now I couldn't justify the inflated price tag. When I think about the awesome lens I could buy for that price I want it even less.

linzybel wrote:

I own a 60D body with 4 Leica R-lenses. If I want the best APS-C quality pictures I can get, I'll take my 60D with as many lenses I need for a situation, grab my tripod, and set things up...

If I want good IQ at high ISO, a modest but acceptable range of mid-standard focal lengths (for portraits, street shooting, travel landscapes or indoor shots), a silent shutter optonal, in-my-jacket-pocket convenience [this is key] and plenty of manual control, the G1X looks pretty good.

It's NOT as portable as an S100. We get that. It doesn't have as good IQ as a MarkIII. We get that. It's a lot more expensive than a G12. We get that. But for a lot of situations where convenience and portability matter, and the G12 falls a little short in IQ (low available light?) the G1X is attractive.

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