Everything go on SSD for upgrade?

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Re: higher failure rates of SSDs

Ho72 wrote:

I place all manner of temp files (page, scratch, user app data, etc.) on mine because that's what it's best at. I figure even at an accelerated wear rate I'll be on to my next machine and an new generation of SSD before the one I have dies.

Yes, that exactly what I do too.

How long do folks need their SSD's to last?

When I purchased mine, I figured it needed to last me 3 years. I've now had it for 2 years. I've done nothing to minimize write cycles -- in fact, I've taken to trouble to ensure scratch and other similar data is placed on the SSD. The device tells me it's suffering from approx 1% media wear.

If it fails in its third year, it's still under warranty. If it fails after that, I'll be happy to buy a newer, larger, faster drive, for around the same price.

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