Just played with Olympus OM-D EM-5 in Los Angeles, Ca.

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Just played with Olympus OM-D EM-5 in Los Angeles, Ca.

What a good weekend it was.
Yesterday i got a hold of a Sony NEX 7 Body only
and today had an opportunity to have a one on one
session with the EM-5 and all black kit lense (12-50mm_

Boy of boy are you guys and girls in for a special treat.

I had the all the black one, and man was it sexy!

very stealth looking and one could not look twice
at it cause it nice and medium small, but what a punch it packs!

I've owned many oly cameras from four thirds to micro four thirds.
Ive also owned at least 1 or more semi pro/pro from every manufacturer
and let me tell you, this little ferrari of a camera isnt one to take lightly.

The auto focusing was amazingly fast

i could not believe a kit lens with a slow aperture of 6.3 could perform so well.
i was turning my noise at the 12-50mm when it was first introduced, and swore
i would not even think about using a slow aperture like 6.3 at such a short mm.
Boy was a wrong!

Olympus put some serious creativity in the designing of this lens.

it has a silky smooth zoom ring for video zooming without dealing with jerky vidoes from lenses that are not interlined.
or you can snap it back and do regular zooming as most zoom operate.

I am not an ISO crazy like some and worry about shooting no more really than 16-3200 max, but i was encouraged to push the limits and shoot at 25,000 iso, so i did.

Unbelievable! could not believe the picture i took was at 25,000 iso!

I aimed it at the darkest area with very low light to no light, and the image stablization kicked in so nice, and the image was nice and sharp.

and then aimed it at some gentlemen, and they came out sharp as well, but some noise was noticeable, but no where near bad for iso 25,000. (looked more like iso 3200-6400 on other cameras i care not to say.)

So outside i went to do some outside shooting, and the colors was just beautiful
just like olympus has always done.
(my ep2 use to produce some amazing jpegs straight out of the camera)

The burst mode was siick!! i tracked someone walking by, and was able to track
them very very very good...way better than my ep2 could have...

I am a viewfinder NUT..and will not buy a camera without one, unless it is a point and shoot, and this viewfinder Rocked!! nice and bright! and clearly visible to see

what i was looking at. between the Sony NEX 7 viewfinder (which as 2.44 Million dots vs Oly 1.44 Million dots) i really couldn't tell the difference.

mm,what else?? oh the LCD..wooo wee, man that LCD slide up and down like a victoria secret model taking off some silk p$% &s... (if ya know what i mean)

very very smooth to glide it up and down..and it feels so solid..

Street photographers are gonna be in heaven to be able to shoot waist level looking

down at the screen....and the screen is touch shutter sensitive, so you can shoot with out touching the shutter bottom!!

So happy Olympus put that eye sensor feature in this unit, and not to mention having a viewfinder built into the body!

man, so much to report...mmm, oh the creative filters are so super cool.
i was a junkie for the ep-2 cross process feature, but now there is another hot

cool cross process filter, and get this..you can set up the camera to shoot all the filters effects or choose which ones you want active at Once!!

No more sitting in front of computer copying, and converting...(I like to use my time
shooting than editing personally).

I will post some pics later when i get home.
I so confused now...keep my Sony NEX 7, or Get the Olympus EM-5...mmmm
how about keep both...hahahahahaha..

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