LAEA2 + SAL35f18

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Re: LAEA2 + SAL35f18

I cannot focus at a wall using the LAEA2 or E-mount lenses, on my NEX-3. Is anyone else able to? It isn't a huge deal but sometimes I try to AF something that has no pattern/edges like glass. Using center spot.

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I've had plenty of issues with the SAL35F18 not locking on AF. Luckily, one huge difference with E-mount is that there's a handy switch for MF right on the lens.

Is that with LA-EA2? Mine seems as snappy as ever on my NEX-5 with LA-EA2.

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Yes, on a NEX-3. If you aim at many areas without contrast with center spot AF, for example a face, it doesn't seem to lock at all or without great difficulty. If I aim at the edges, it does okay but hardly the "fast AF" equivalent of CDAF. Is it just me?

That sound like the LA-EA1, as the LA-EA2 does not use contrast for focusing. That said, I can see in your gallery that you actually have the LA-EA2, so I'd say it might be faulty.... or there is something up with the old NEX-3 + LA-EA2 combo, which would be a shame as I was looking for that.

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