Pixel size matters (LensRentals article)

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Re: Pixel size matters (LensRentals article)

Leif Goodwin wrote:

ohmydentist wrote:

I tend to trust words from known entities with their reputation on the line, more so than those from the anonymous individuals here, who may be living in their mom's basement and face no consequence.


■Noise and high ISO performance: Smaller pixels are worse. Sensor size doesn’t matter.

That is one interpretation. But for a given pixel count, which determines the maximum enlargement size (ignoring small issues such as lens performance), then sensor size DOES matter. So to say sensor size does not matter is silly.

By the way, I'm not anonymous, oh, except even when you know my name it means nothing to you.

I thought it was ironic he made the comment about anonymity - but who knows, maybe it's Steve Ohmydentist.

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