GH2 now, or wait for GH3? What will I miss out on?

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Re: GH2 now, or wait for GH3? What will I miss out on?

I, for one, am more than happy with my GH2. I have travelled with it through the UK, France, Germany and Austria shooting stills and video and I can't fault it for my purposes - family memories and boring friends and relatives...

To answer your question though, I don't think you will miss out on anything by buying a GH2 now. You will however, miss out on quality photos and video of your travels if you wait for the GH3 to arrive.

Undoubtedly, the GH3 will be technically superior to the GH2, but any improvement in results will be very very small (remember the Law of Diminishing Returns).

From a stills perspective, it is very difficult to tell any real difference between my GH2 and my 7D. The 7D gives slightly better DR & DoF, but you really have to know what you're looking for (while pixel peeping) and for 999 shots out of 1000, it doesn't matter anyway!

Video-wise, to my mind, the GH2 produces broadcast quality video so apart from the GH3 potentially having all the brand new whizz bang bell and whistle formats and gizmos (which you probably won't be able to edit until the software bods catch up), there won't be huge benefits to be had from the GH3 at all.

IMOH, go buy your GH2 now and enjoy it.

Hope my wobbling helped a little bit,


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