Wireless Remote Shutter Lumix G3 ~

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Re: Wireless Remote Shutter Lumix G3 ~

I use the Pixel Soldiers TF-373 which can be used as a remote shutter or off-camera flash trigger (the shutter cord is extra though) and they work really well with my Panasonic Lumix FZ100. The Pixel stuff I've bought seems pretty well made and reliable. I also have a hot-shoe to Sony adapter and the wired remote cord from Pixel - all work well.

If the manufacturer doesn't specify your model I usually start by seeing if the wired remote for your camera is the same as the others that are listed - at least that's a basic check that the plug should fit.

If the G3 can use an RS1 corded remote then there is probably a good chance this should work - the devil as they say - is in the detail.


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