d700, has anyone NOT liked it and returned it?

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Re: You really should NEVER buy a camera because you see

thanks for you post. I have been having problems with the focus since the beginning, christmas for one. THEre are more focus options on the d700 focus points for one. I dont know why its not awesome. I was surely wondering if i had a bad copy. THe picture i posted is a horrible example I agree. But i swear I was focusing the spot on her face but I seem to think the focus is on the collar. I see i had a shutter of 1/30 of a second and that is pretty slow. yes...... I can fully understand manual settings, never used the green button. I was concerned with tons of light available why would my camera pick a shutter of 1/30 and iso of 640 even wide open. THat didnt make sense to me. I understand if you have it on Ap. 2.8 shouldnt give you those settings. I had spot focus, why would it focus her collar and not her face where it was directed. I am not embarrased because I am concerned that I may have something more to deal with. The camera is not cheap and I UNDERSTAND the camera doesnt take a good photo the photographer does.. BUT why do I see people post they got a bad copy of a camera? Can that not happen to me??? Embarrasing pictures aside, I am looking for quidence here..

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