Nikon Killing Indepdent Service

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Re: Nikon Killing Indepdent Service

They don't buy direct from the OEM, they buy them from authorized dealers, like the dealerships at steep discounts. Any consumer can also buy OEM parts, but at retail.

Digetydog wrote:

I agree completely. When I take my car to the Honda dealer, I know that I am getting genuine Honda parts (for better or for worse) and fluids.

I cannot think of any manufacturer that sells genuine OEM parts to repair places that are not "authorized."

therealguppy wrote:

First Those links don't work 2nd I found the story on google.

What they are doing according to the story is, They are no long going to Sale OEM replacement parts to NON-Authorized Repair Shops. the 22 Authorized Retailers that are not Nikon will not be effect by this. IMO I don't see this as a bad thing. This might even cause someone to fill the gap and start Producing high quality Non-OEM parts that meet requirements and sell those to non-authorized repair shops. In the long run this could cause repairs to cost less if done with non-nikon parts.

Think about Cars. You can't buy OEM parts directly from Manufactures unless you are a Authorized repair shop. however you can go to Autozone and buy Third party parts that Meet or Exceed OEM specs typically for Half the price.

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