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Well, since I'm on the ignore list...

Well, since I'm on the ignore list, I'll just dismantle this post for my own enjoyment.

tektrader wrote:

Have you made a career of being an ass hole?

OK, that's one incident belittling and one of name calling.

We are having a civil discussion and you turn to calling people names and trying to belittle them.

And one lie.

I called no one names. That tektrader believes I did is a sign that he's overly conscious of such behavior, perhaps because he is starting to recognize it in himself. Because it certainly didn't take much to get him to engage in serious name calling.

Try answering with facts

You will notice that he made some really incredible statements, concerning the differences between medium format and FF dynamic range, with no references cited. Two other people in the thread provided links to real data, so I though that there wasn't much point repeating that.

Apparently, he's the only one with the right to criticize people for a lack of facts. And I'm not the only person he's smalled, without presenting any...

Belittling, that's his trademark, I guess.

Sorry, check the specs. The Phase One has twice the dynamic range of the best FX DSLR.

I guess "check the specs, they're out there, somewhere, I'm sure of it, and they'll support my claims and prove you're wrong" is "answering with facts".

rather than just make a tool out of yourself by trying to a smart ass.

That brings us up to three names.

Oh, and starting his response to Oldboy1948 with "Sorry, check the specs." isn't being, as he puts it, a "smart ass".

Nothing concrete, no searchable or verifiable data. JUST WHAT YOU SAY.

And now he yells at someone for doing what he does. Well, the truth about dynamic range is born out not only in the data that several people presented, but also in the experience of anyone who has actually compared medium format shots to FF. Which, apparently excludes tektrader.

(which doesn't amount to much)

And again, he picks up on what bothers him about his own discussion style and projects it onto someone else, as an insult.

So far you have added NOTHING to this discussion except to put people down.

OK, now that's two outright lies.

Welcome to my ignore list you screw ball.

Ah, the hypocrisy of expecting to get to cuss someone out and then stalk off, saying "I got the last word! Look at me!"

Oh, and another name, that's four.

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