Nikon 85mm 1.8G is fantastic! Here's a 50+ set of samples!

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Re: Looks pretty close...

rinsephotographic wrote:

InnerDemon wrote:

The bokeh looks pretty decent to me. It would be truly hard to judge the differences in bokeh however, unless you compared exact shots taken with each. But even if the bokeh is a tad better on the 1.4G, does that equate to a 3.5X premium over the 1.8G?

'no' would be my answer, hence me owning and using the 85/1.8D extensively. for the shots that the 85/1.8 shows its nerves, i use the 105/2 DC.

That's a tough one to justify under most shooting conditions, even if you can notice it. And a Photoshop preset that can add a touch of Guassian blur around the edges can go a long way to help one get over the lack of perfect bokeh!!!

i agree. killer lens. but i'll admit i was, rather irrationally, holding out hope that they had improved the bokeh to a greater degree. still looks like an excellent lens. is it worth the upgrade for me, though?

As far as improving bokeh, it is possible, but the fact that the 85 1.8D has a 9-blade aperture vs. 7 blades for the 85 1.8G surprised me a bit.

But looking at the linked to Flickr photos, in the night portraits of the model with blonde hair, the bokeh does not look nervous at all. The lights in the background form perfect cats eyes, with zero outlining. See this image.

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