which A3 printer with low cost per copy?

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Re: which A3 printer with low cost per copy?

Erik Gordon wrote:

Wow... very cool! But certainly not a photo worthy printer.

Well, this is an officejet and while it isnt in the same league as a few of the dedicated photoprinters like some of the Epsons/Canons/HP's its still able to give great A3+ quality once the right settings/profile is chosen. Ofcourse you do have to realize the potential in relation to a more 'potent' HP A3+ printer as the ink for those come at the same price and the only difference in final inksystem pricing will be: a bigger CIS that boasts more inkcartridges (as dedicated photo-inkjets use multiple cartridges) and more bottles of ink per each different color(nuance) needed for the particular printer.

The advantage is for HP being know as the underdog in contrast to Epson and Canon while some HP printers are just as incredible photoquality-wise as the Epsons/Canons.

Choosing the right wide format HP inkjet, after having done your homework (pre-finding out what CIS's and ink are available for the particular model), will most certainly give you the desired professional quality for around the same ink-printcost I'm currently on with my el cheapo Officejet 7000 printer, its all in the research one is willing to do.

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