Ex1 Mode Dial Problem

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Re: Ex1 Mode Dial Problem

Blanko00 wrote:


I've recently picked up a Samsung EX1 as an ex demo, but it was essentially brand new. It has quickly developed a very irritating fault, I'll try my best to explain this accurately:

The mode dial has a life of it's own. At almost any time the graphic that shows the mode dial turning to a new setting pops up on screen, sometimes spinning erratically. I thought it was just sensitive, my thumb was near it etc, but no, just walking down the street, it'll start to spin, nothing physically anywhere near the mode dial.

It has an annoying habit of deciding to do this, just at the crucial moment, the image will not then be taken until the camera thinks the mode has been selected. I always have the camera in 'M' it never selects anything else, just shows it spinning then landing back on 'M'. Eventually.

It will occasionally do this until I physically switch to another mode, then back to 'M'

Has anyone else had this? Know a cure? Due to the ex-demo nature of the purchase it only had a 14 day warranty, during which time it of course was fine, so return is not an option.

Same problem here, it is really annoying,I would like to disable that screen mode, but I cannot do it.

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