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Re: Samsung Forum 2012

I owned a D90 for some time and since I'm not a low light shooter, I like the NX10 much, much more. (From the portability, the 30mm quality, the AWB and the metering, the NX10 is really great)

NXism wrote:

Higher in the range? Yes you could have but I wonder what your photographic needs are that they are unmet by the D90. I've not owned it but had some time with it from a friend and I can attest that it is an extremely competent camera that should adequately serve most amateur photographers and beats the NX10 in terms of performance. It's getting outdated now but the time of release, it was top of the 'prosumer' Nikon range. The only way up would have been the professional bodied D300 or full frame.

Good luck finding your dream camera.

Pentax is a waiting game too due to the the Ricoh takeover and I have no interest in m4/3 due to the additional crop factor, so might try a Canon or Nikon dslr. I already tried a D90 but should have gone higher in the range.

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