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V1/J1 Firmware 1.10 change

Philip wrote:

In the Setup Menu of my V1 between Battery info and Firmware version

is "Pixel mapping". Your chioces arr Yes or No.

In the manual there is no explanation for this item.

Can someone explain what this is and what it does?

Firmware update 1.10 for J1/V1 introduced this new Pixel Mapping function in the setup menu. You can find information at Nikon Support here:

On the same article is a manual addendum (PDF) for Pixel Mapping. Pixel Mapping basically identifies stuck or dead single pixels and map them, so these single pixels are not shown any more by interpolation during image capture process. With my DSLRs I have to send them in for service to have this done by Nikon. It's very nice to have this function in-camera.

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