35 Biogen or 35 Voigtlander for NEX-7?

Started Feb 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
glacierpete Senior Member • Posts: 1,917
Re: 35 Biogen or 35 Voigtlander for NEX-7?

Good question. My CV 35/2.5 (LTM pancake version) is bitingly sharp in the center wide open on a Nex 5n but has to be stopped down to F11 to get it sharp corner to corner. The wide open center performance is a trademark of this lens, it has a nice bokeh too, but as a rangefinder lens it does not focus very close. Combined with some extension rings it can be used wide open for close up shots with good OOF rendering.

In case money is no concern the Leica M summarit 35/2.5 is sharp corner to corner wide open. Have a look at frezeiss's Leica M summarit 35/2.5 images ('A couple from the 5N and Leica 35 2.5') and his follwing remarks.

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