70-200VR2+2XTC3 or 300f4+1.4TC2

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Re: 70-200VR2+2XTC3 or 300f4+1.4TC2

I am going to disagree with you on that one, as a D300 has plenty of resolution (almost the same as the D800) to tell the difference between good and bad glass.

And most naturephotographers are struggling to gather as detailed images as possible, so it is not a waste of time trying to find the best combo for that.

And most of the time a prime i going to be the answer if IQ is important.

The AFS 300 I can recommend with a TC14 for a DX-camera and TC17 if it is going to be used on a FX camera (since it has a lower pixelpitch, except the D800). But not the TC20III as it takes away too much light, so AF is only working in really good light.

apaflo wrote:

That is probably the wrong basis to choose, since either will be excellent, and unless you are looking at a D800 soon there probably is no real difference in IQ.

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