"Mirrorless" is the future???

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Re: mirrorless is the present and past

RedFox88 wrote:

It is the present. All P&S digital cameras are mirrorless and they've been that way for a long time!

The term "mirrorless" in this context is shorthand for "mirrorless interchangeable lens camera". In other words, the "mirrorless" term is meant to refer to the non-reflex variety of interchangeable lens cameras: "mirrorless" vs "mirrored" interchangeable lens cameras. It does not include P&S digital cameras which don't have interchangeable lenses.

For example, the article states:

"Unsurprisingly, Japan leads the world in embracing mirrorless cameras , with over half the interchangeable lens cameras shipped between October and December 2011 being of the non-reflex variety ."

As you can see, the term "mirrorless cameras" refers to the "non-reflex variety" of "interchangeable lens cameras". This is further bolstered by the included pie graphs that indicate "The proportion of interchangeable lens camera sales made up by SLRs (light blue) and non-reflex cameras (dark blue)."

July – September 2011:

October – December 2011:

Obviously, the article is very poorly worded, thus causing the confusion. But suffice it to say, "mirrorless" does not refer to every digital camera in existence that doesn't have a mirror. It only refers to the interchangeable lens cameras that are mirrorless.

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