GX1 silver award - wow!

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Re: GX1 silver award - wow!


I got a GX1 while I wait for the Nikon 1 system to mature.

The GX1 is quite incredible in actual use. The files rival and surpass my D300!

Color desaturation...I shoot raw...if not a very simple slider will correct this issue.

Over all I rate the GX1 very high as I shoot landscapes and don't need all the bels and whistles of burst and high rate AF..

I've always put my money on Nikon though and hope for good things from Nikon in the mirroless style cameras. But until then Panasonic has made me quite happy!

Have fun with the J1. I saw one on CL for $425, unhappy wifey figure it out some poor sap is offing it cheaper.... If it hits $325 I'll bite!

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