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Doug R wrote:

You haven't made a Hackintosh lately. With the right build and tools it takes about 5min install and get 100% compatibility and its exactly the same install you would see on your mac. The tools and compatibility have come a long way sense back in the day.

You seem well experienced with it, I'm assuming it's something you do a lot?

Takes 15 min to install OS 10.6 not any different than on a Mac. On my build software update are effortless,

Great, so it's perfect...

sound breaks but copy one kext over and its back.

...oh pooh, maybe not.

You don't give yourself enough credit, you maybe have no idea how many people would balk at the idea of locating kexts and installing them, and would damn near pass out (or smile politely) when told to ensure it has the correct permissions (just sudo to chown and chmod, okay, hello? hello? caller?). These people are not fools. They may be great photographers, in the field reporters, 100m sprint world record holders, master chefs or just ordinary Joe blows. But what they have in common is they are just simply not techies, have no desire to be, and want something that works without fuss.

Ivy Bridge will bring thunderbolt to hackintosh sooner

That's an example of you rationalising the limitations, like what I spoke of.

There's always something more coming, first it was hardware support, then SL support, then more hardware, then Lion, now hardware, next ML, then hardware, next...

than any actual thunderbolt parts ship. Can you say vaporware

That's an example of you rationalising the limitations, like what I spoke of.


Plugging a TB Mac into a TB Monitor, and getting plug and play access to a raft of ports and connectivity is something Notebook users have longed for. But it will give you a dilemma, will you choose not to want it because it's Apple, or because it's not available to you because you bought 'an equivalent spec pc' for a much cheaper price.

While the current list is small, what is there is exactly what should be there at this point in its rollout. As the rollout continues you'll see some excellent video and projection solutions, some of which will be shipping next week. When will Ivy show her face? April? June? August?. And then it's back to the kext hunt.

Make a short list of the slowest parts of your connected system, and write them in order with the slowest first.

First, cross your name off the top of the list.

Now, at the top of your list, is the 'Hard Drive', and if you were being explicit, the External hard drive that you use for backup or in the field media.

Now with TB and the above products, that slow part got an awful lot faster. But let me guess, you can make do without it, until it's commoditised, cheaper and hacked.

But while you're writing your inevitable and trite response, somewhere someone will be using their thunderbolt Mac for in the field media editing which, during the first 0.1s of broadcast, will have more than paid for the fictitious Apple tax, while others will simply be sleeping soundly, peaceful and satisfied in their achievement for the day.

Mac/Apple attempts to embrace an entire user community from grandmother to gifted savant, and to offer each of them the same combination of ease of use, security and productivity, through relentless iterative design, joined-up-thinking and money in the mouth backed innovation, not ruthless stealing like their competitors.

They have a clarity of focus that is unique. Most companies that got to be this valuable did so by buying elections, overthrowing governments, and starting wars. And one day, when Apple are gone, and the world seems a sh|ttier place, you'll look back on this time and say, the greatest ever embodiment of the American dream was happening right under my nose, yet I couldn't see it. Assuming of course you've learned to articulate.


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