Is this the M9 "magenta issue"

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Jono Slack
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Re: Is this the M9 "magenta issue"

JPizzzle wrote:

Hey just got my m9 and 50 lux asph back from leica service. They did a great job with the calibration-super sharp. I posted 2 pics at f 1.4-

1 at 100% showing what appears to be blueish highlighting along the flower anther. Is this the magenta issue? I'm a new m9 user.

No . . . well, I'm not sure what the 'magenta' issue is, but this is just a bit of CA (Chromatic Aberration) , which your converter program should handle easily - it's common on high contrast edges in this sort of situation (and often much worse than this)

Fix it and be happy!
Jono Slack

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