Canon G1X gets DxoMarked. Total score of 60.

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Re: DXO bashers need to open their minds

Faintandfuzzy wrote:

Wheatfield wrote:

I get a kick out of this sort of thing. I recall reading an article by Thom Hohan where he was crowing about how Nikon was the best there was because DXO said so. He waxed eloquent about how wonderful the world was because DXOMark had put their stamp of approval onto the D7000.

Then, along came the Pentax K5, which outdid the D7K by a fairly measurable margin, and all of a sudden, Thom was writing about how DXOMark was meaningless and no one should give their tripe even a moments notice.

People generally will agree with a measurement system when it backs up their particular worldview and confirms their equipment decision, and deride it as useless when it no longer does that.
Thom does it, and it seems he isn't alone.

Well....when DxO rates consumer budget DSLRs higher than Medium Format Digital Backs, then I'd say they're pretty mcuh useless for ranking IQ.

Not really surprising. The MFDB's which score lower than the very best APS-C sensors have smallish sensors (for MF), miserable quantum efficiency and ver high read noise. The only thing they can beat the modern CMOS sensors in is absolute saturation capacity, and that only helps them score in only one of the DxO use cases.

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