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Surely the picture has changed re 4/3. Time to relaunch?

Why did it fail originally? I propose:

(a) relatively poor high ISO performance, which was referenced in every review and accorded disproportionate weighting in the overall comparative rating of the E-series cameras vs cost-equivalent Nikons and Canons;

(b) relatively high bulk for a system originally supposed to be smaller than its larger-sensored competitors.

It now looks as though (a) has been overcome and that adopting a mirrorless approach in an E-series body overcomes (b).

On this basis, is this not the time to relaunch 4/3 rather than abandon it? It would be relaunched into a marketplace where Canon and Nikon adopters have laboured with their bulky gear for long enough now to have wearied of it and be seeking a change.

The lenses are already designed, with just an outstanding need for perhaps a 100mm macro and a couple of long telephotos of modest aperture - 300mm f4 and 400mm f5.6, say.

I would love to see a 4/3 relaunch, so I am maybe biased in my interpretation of the new market conditions. What do you guys 'n' gals think?


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