You know you need a G1 X if...

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You know you need a G1 X if...

I hope this thread helps a few people who don't 'get' and won't get the G1X get why some of us can't wait to get one.

The G1 X is a smart car. A Macbook Air. A Yamaha R1. A house by the sea.

What I mean is that if you see the G1 X as your only camera you're going to be shocked at the compromises it entails. It's real strength, like all the items I listed above, is as an option. A item whose weaknesses are eliminated by other options.

If you don't have those other options, and it's not exactly tailored for your needs, it's a poor all-purpose solution relative to its price. If you can afford it, and don't have to rely on it in every situation, it's great.

In my case it'll replace my S90 and sit alongside my D4. I (will) have a system camera and lenses. I don't need the G1 X to do that job. It'll be a huge upgrade from my S90 and better than that body in every regard but size.

Speaking of size, it's irrelevant to me as even the S90 is too big for a pocket (what do you guys with cameras in your pockets dress like? Where do you put your change? You must look pretty lumpy from the waist down or wear coats that hang like anchors). The last camera I owned that was pocketable was a sony T3 and even that lived in a bag.

For me a camera goes in a bag and the dividing line is between cameras I can put in a normal bag and those which require a camera bag. Anything that doesn't need a camera bag is 'everyday' for me and the G1 X fills that need.

I'm not claiming the G1 X is for you, or a good value. I'm trying to explain why I, and many others, are excited about an expensive compact with a fixed lens.

We don't want another lens system, the size and weight aren't a problem, and we want more than one field of view and a large sensor.

Until the G1 X there was nothing that met that spec. The closest was a m4/3, Nikon 1 or NEX. In each case when a similar lens in included they mean slower glass and another system. At the higher end they also mean more expense and often less direct control.

The G1 X may be a niche product to many, but the niche is real. I'm in it.

Canon EOS 1100D (EOS Rebel T3 / EOS Kiss X50) Canon PowerShot G1 X Canon PowerShot S90 Nikon D4
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