lumix 14-42 x softness.

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mark kay Veteran Member • Posts: 5,477
Re: lumix 14-42 x softness.

I wanted to add that I never owned the 14-42 and i would bet it might be similar in IQ to that lens. Perhaps I have a really good copy of the 14-45. I also had done some testing against the 14-140mm and that is better than my 14-45 at the tele end (e.g. 35 to 45mm)

mark kay wrote:

I have tried two of these lenses. In both cases, they are close at the wide end (compared to the 14-45mm) but the X lens is not as good as the tele end in terms of sharpness. This is unrelated to the IS setting. I tried settings 1 and 2 on the GH2. I think for most casual shooters and for purposes of snapshots etc will not make a big difference.

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