Why Nikon took so long ?

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Daniel Clune
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Re: D800's big coup is the price. Agree

Exactly. This D800 is basically what a 1dsmk4 would have been but 5 grand less.

Thats a big WOW to me at least. For those who thought the 5D body was good enough for what they do I guess they wouldn't care much.

I personally never bought a 5D/5D2 because of such a low end (20D) body. Thats why i got a used 1dsmk2 when 5d2 came out. No way was I going to spend that much on such a crappy low end body. (if you think the 5D body was ok fine but its always just been a FF 20D but with slower frame rate) .

Now will canon actually give us a body equal to the 1ds line with a high meg sensor for 3 grand. I have my doubts. Depends on what canon new about Nikons D800 I guess but even if Canon new about the body specs did they know about the price Nikon would ask being so low.

A Owens wrote:

In my view the sensor is not the big news here. Nikon have just picked up Sony's next logical sensor offering and probably had little choice about this (those who have actually used the predecessors of this sensor and comment objectively will acknowledge that it is very capable but nothing more).

In my view the big news is they have given it a 1ds spec AF system and a decent remaining spec for less than half the price of a 1ds. So why wait until now to do that? Well because for some reason they feel they have to give their customers really good value. Could be the recession, maybe they want to take some market share and will forego per-unit margin to do so, maybe they have amortised the R&D of key technologies are in a harvesting phase, maybe they know what Canon has up the barrel (and they probably do more or less), I dunno but I am not complaining.

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