Quick pocketwizard question

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Quick pocketwizard question

Hi guys,

I'm really confused with all the remote flash options and need your advice.

I'm kinda settled on PW as the industry standard, but they have too many options.

I want a system that allows me to stick a transmitter on the camera with the possibility of a flash on top of that transmitter for front light if possible.

I want to be able to put 2-4 flashes away in different corners of a room and either control them with ETTL or set them manually remotely from the camera (if that's even possible).

Also, I want to be able to walk around just with a single flash and remote in my left hand on ETTL mode.

Need to control ETTL ratios, 2nd curtain flash and high speed sync.

Would like to have 1 flash on ETTL and X flashes on manual power if possible??

Do I need then the MiniTT1 plus X number of FlexTT5s? Or do I need a FlexTT5 for a transmitter? Or do I need the Multimax thing?

Many, many thanks.


PS: If you put a flash on top of the transmitter, how does the camera know which flash it's controlling?

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