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nekrosoft13 wrote:

Michel Savage wrote:

With the D800, we have reached the apex of DSLR, and from there, the DSLR species will be slowly dying.


The camera of the future is full frame, mirrorless, uses live view instead of a viewfinder, has an articulated screen, is very very small, highly portabgle and discrete, as an ISO of 12 800 equivalent to ISO 50 in terms of noise.

It may possibly have a 2.8 21-200 zoom (or whatever) that perfectly matches its 30-35 MP sensor.

you got allot of this wrong.

1) full frame being the future? highly highly impossible, cost would be to high, and people like you will be complaining about the size.

2) mirrorless and live view, yes and no, will there be more mirorless SLR in future, highly possible, will all of them be mirrorless probably no, most people that use SLR preffer real viewfinder compared to electronic viewfinders and screens, my camera has live view, out of 1000 pictures i might take in given week or month, 5-10 might be in live view.

3) articulated screen, again not all will have it, will be just right now, some will, some won't

4) iso performance, will increase from year to year, with each generation of sensors, but for iso of 12,000 to look like iso 50, you are dreaming, you will be long gone from this world before iso performance increases that much.

5) size of camera and lens, this just makes zero, absolutly zero sence. you want a small camera and 2.8 21-200 zoom lens with full frame sensor, that lens will be the size of portable rocket launcher. tech can change, but physics won't. 21-200 lens with aperture of 2.8 will be massive, look at current sigma 200-500 2.8, expect the lens that you mentioned to be around that size of even bigger. lens would be massive because doesn't matter how good tech is physics still dictate how much light can travel though a lens.

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