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Re: They've made it very clear. They'll abandon 4/3 as soon as they can..

DLGW wrote:

.. but they can't just yet. m4/3 is their future - they've been extremely clear about it. Everything else is just a stop gap measure until they can migrate all the 4/3 users over to m4/3.

Sorry, I have no facts other than we know of the massive volume of Olympus FT lenses out there, a fine opportunity for some manufacturer if not Olympus. They must be looking over their shoulder.

Here's the thing though, the FT vs: mFT may be a distortion of what is currently in development now and available later. I'm not sure it will be a choice of one or the other. I sense mFT is the planned future for FT but the advanced level cameras will continue to be designed with a mount option for the larger, faster FT lenses with focusing resolved. How long it takes them to do it is where we must test our patience but if they do it, other manufactures could be left in the dark ages.

Another asset of mFT that isn't made clear enough is the creative potentials with an EVF. Remember how many were excited over Live View? I crave optical too. Who knows what they may do but Fuji had a good idea.

Olympus has really put itself in a driver's seat for new camera technology developments. I wouldn't be surprised if they stun us with innovation in working this FT / mFT thing out. Rather exciting and worth the wait.

If I unloaded my Olympus gear now, I may feel very short ended later.

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