X10: This is how it works (EXR, DR, blooming/orbs, modes)

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Re: X10: This is how it works (EXR, DR, blooming/orbs, modes)

In a phone conversation Fuji support called the high ISO DR method "HR / High Resolution" DR and acknowledged that for this method it makes no difference whether you are using L or M size images.

Furthermore I did night-shot tests that revealed that HR DR can lose shadow detail in favor of protecting highlights, my shots lost shadow colors saturation (green of plants and beige of a wall turned to b/w) at DR 400 that was present at DR 100.

If HR DR really increases dynamic range at all or just deals highlight protection for loss of shadow detail has yet to be determined. According to DxO the X10's sensor offers a higher dynamic range at lower ISOs, this should lead to HR DR also gaining the same amount of higher range that decreasing ISO by 1 or 2 steps offers. Essentially HR DR is the same as underexposing at a lower ISO and then lifting shadows and mids in post-processing, but without the manual work.

The 2.7 EV highlight protection (not necessarily dynamic range) that Trevor G often cites being able to pull out of DR images happens to be the same that the in-camera JPG engine pulls out of HR DR images. I compared a JPG DR 100 vs. a JPG HR DR 400 ISO 400 vs. a RAW DR 100 ISO 100. To match the RAW I had to pull down the ISO 100 highlights by another 0.5 to 0.7 EV to match the highlight area of the DR 400 JPG.

Yes, that means that JPGs are DR 400 protect more than 2 stops of highlights (still not judging dynamic-range). And yes, that means that you can just shoot underexposed ISO and lift curves in post-processing if you are going to shoot RAW anyway. Feel free to do your own test and interpretations as I am sure that I did not cover all ground.

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