D800 - a dying species

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Not sure CSC can stretch to FF at the moment

I agree in part

I think large cameras might remain for certain applications

I bought an M9 and no longer want to drag the 5Dii anywhere

The M9 is MF only, its takes time to master, but once mastered is better IMHO that AF except for predictive sports and other fast moving AF. The reason the M9's lenses are so small, and are hewn from solid metal, is due to short back focus combined with no AF. Once you put AF in a lens you can not make it that small, see the Sony Nex lenses for example, and they are APS-C.

OVF is much better then any EVF I have seen to date. Perhaps there will be a breakthrough EVF sometime in the future ???

The M9 has its limitations. Its only super practical for 28m to 90mm focal lengths (can be used to 12mm but annoying due to external VF). Its not super-light due to full brass and magnesium metal construction. Its not that fast for consecutive shots, so if you need to clickety-click on 20 shots in a row you need a 1D or D3/4 series.

Thats why I'm not sure about a FF AF CSC. It seems the lenses are too large. But maybe sony will come up with something. APS-C seems the best compromise for CSC.

Perhaps FF will remain with DSLR and RF for the foreseeable future


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