Nikon's triumph and the problem with this forum

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Re: Nikon's triumph and the problem with this forum

Leif Goodwin wrote:

MrSkelter wrote:


I won't call you a troll or a baiter because I don't think that's fair. Having read your posts over recent months it's clear that you are simply, in fact, an idiot.

(Don't take offense, I'm using the term medically, not pejoratively).

You spent months telling people the sun was not going to rise and that the D800, which many people new was coming with the exact spec which appeared, was a myth.

Now that camera is here and you've been shown to be wrong in every aspect of your analysis you claim to be a prophet who, though clearly wrong, was right a long time ago. You then chastise wiser people than you for complaining about the stink of your threa-diarrhea.

Rather than write off the D3X as you claim, you in fact used that camera as 'proof' that a high MP camera would not appear. Anyone interested in checking the facts can see that. Your boldness is further evidence of your stupidity.

(Again, no offense intended. Calling you arrogant would be rude. Stupid is a reference to the fact you're not smart enough to know that when threads sink they're not deleted. You're stupid in the technical, factual sense.)

I suspect you're not aware of how badly you think and for that I'm sorry.

Good luck. Don't breed. Stop talking.

That is one of the more amusing posts I have read in a long while. I love the "Don't take offense, I'm using the term medically, not pejoratively" comment.

+ 1 again !

I have to agree , that is one of the most amusing posts I have read here for a while. And, it must be said, it is not an ad hom attack because it is true !

Scottmac attempts to contextualise his previous rantings and somehow paint himself in a positive light are truly toe-curling in their awfulness. Bless him.

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