Does anyone own the K5 and the NX200?

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Does anyone own the K5 and the NX200?

Im trying to figure out what the best sensor - pancake combination is for lowlight situations, e.g., evening in a bar with friends (I find that a pancake makes the whole picture-taking thing less obtrusive, therefore my willingness to compromise on fastness - enitrely subjective of course)

I currently have an LX5 for general use and bought a used NX10 + 30 mm at 300 EUR for exactly that purpose, but found that even at f2, I sometimes would like to go for 1600 / 3200 or even 6400 ISO, not really something the NX10 excels at (I find it a lovely toy otherwise).

So, if I want to upgrade (considering only existing gear, even if similar comparisons will probably apply to NX20 / K-01), I see the following combinations:

1 NX200 + 30mm F2
2 K5 + 40mm f2.8
3 K5 + 70mm f2.4

Obivous differences are the IS in the K5 and the 0.5 / 1 stop difference in the lenses - but high ISO performance is hard to judge without hands-on experience (1 sample pic from dpr is better than nothing, but simply doesn't cut it to help me decide between two different systems...)
Can anyone who has tried both share his experience please?


PS: Yes, the NX200 doesn't have a VF while the K5 does - for NX20 and K-01 it would be the opposite - not really a deciding factor for me in the setting described above (again, that's entirely subjective, but I bought the EVF for the LX5 and found that I use the VF quite rarely on both the LX5 and the NX10, even if they are really handy on those occasions)

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