My E50mm F1.8 samples

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Re: My E50mm F1.8 samples

relate2 wrote:

bsammo wrote:

viktoriskra wrote:

You're spot on!

Looking forward to do a lot of street photography in Manchester as I find the place very photogenic..

Yes, there's plenty of good street photography to be had in Manchester - Piccadilly Garden's, the Northern Quarter, Canal Street etc etc.. I've had a couple of attempts in the past, but I still feel very conspicuous with the NEX. I'm planning on possibly picking up the Sigma 30mm as a street photography lens.

We may well bump into each other out there

Use the flip out lcd to do your street shooting and you will vanish as far as the people are concerned.

I took this photo the other day and I had people almost walking into me.

^^ Nice shot!

+1 - invisible down-looking waist-level shooting FTW! Rokkor PG 50/1.4 jpg sooc, the e-mount 50/1.8 should make this even easier.


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