Moose chooses D800-E

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How about waiting a bit? Re: Moose chooses D800-E

We haven't really seen any test of the advantage/or not of removing the AA effect in the D800E compared to the D800, or about the moiré producing inclinations of D800E.

Maybe the detail is not that better, maybe the moiré is not that much owrse, and so on. I'll wait for that before deciding. I like the extra detail, if it's there and if the moiré is not too pervasive. I PP each of my images.

MrSkelter wrote:

calson wrote:

Anyone who shoots RAW will want the 800E - no surprise here.

Not true.

The D800E suits:

1. People who don't shoot moire-prone stuff (i.e. Landscape guys who don't encounter fabric or other manmade repeating grids).
2. People with the time to post-process moire away.
3. People with a need for the last ounce of resolution.

Once you downsize your output the AA filter becomes irrelevant. We're still at too low a resolution with 36MP to make moire without an AA filter a thing of the past.

If you want to shoot without worry, and can't devote hours to post production, an AA filter is your friend.

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